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Our Fishmeal Process :

Gone are the days where the trash fish is utilized for the fish meal production. Earlier the fresh fish that were not supportive for human consumption lead to the manufacture of fish meal production. The fish that is diverted for the production of various byproducts such as the fishmeal is about one third of the total fish consumption. Normally the low priced fishes having less market value and those which are disliked in taste and flavour are reduced to fishmeal. This also helps in maintaining the civic problems in fishing industry. The Leading Fish meal producers in the world are Japan. Chile, USSR, Peru, USA, Norway, and Denmark. Of late, India is finding its place in this group. The company has made its name in "Quality" and "Capacity" in terms of production.

Raj Fish Meal

The fresh fish is brought to the factory in iced condition. The icing is done depending upon the transporting time. The raw material is taken through the conveyors from the fish tanks through a metal detector (to catch the metal items) to the "Cookers" which makes use of indirect steam for cooking. The cooked fish is later pressed in "Screw Press" to separate Fish liquor (Press Liquor) and Fish solids (Press cakes). The fish liquor hereby termed as "Stick water" is collected in a stick water tank for further oil separation.

The press cake having 40-45% moisture is forwarded to the "Steam Drier" and that with the help of indirect steam the fishmeal dries inside the drier. The Dried fish meal is Pulverizered into fine particle size. The fish meal is finally sieved and cooled before packing directly into an inner coated polypropylene bag of 50kg capacity. The fish meal thus produced is stored in a well maintained Godown.

Most of the equipments for the production of fish meal are manufactured and imported from china. The conveyors that are used in the production line are all Stainless steel materials.

The shelf life of the fish meal is increased by adding suitable antioxidant in a recommended dosage.

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